FIFA 18 Demo is All Set to Hit the Market Soon

We are already into the second half of the year 2017. This brings us even closer to that phase when all the most awaited games are ready to be launched. One such title is certainly the FIFA 18. The game has already been launched a few days back, in the previous month to be precise. And at this, all eyes are currently fixed on EA Sports as they are waiting for the launch of the FIFA 18 demo version which is seemingly not too far away, particularly with the FIFA 18 Release Datealready announced. FIFA 18 Demo is All Set to Hit the Market Soon

FIFA 18 Demo is All Set to Hit the Market Soon

Before getting into when the FIFA 18 demo is going to be released, let’s focus on what has already been announced by EA Sports. It has already been mentioned that September 29 is the FIFA 18 release date. Three editions of the game are going to be available which include Standard Edition, Ronaldo Edition and Icon Edition. All the editions are already put up for pre-order. Along with that, we have come across the fact that it will be CR7 who will be on the cover of FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 Demo is All Set to Hit the Market Soon

Now that we are aware of the fact that the FIFA 18 release date is September 29, we can start expecting that the FIFA 18 demo will be up for grabs in the month of September as well. Fifteen days ahead of the release of the original version of the game the gamers can come across the demo. It is one of the predictions as that has been the trend that the developer has followed over the years. So tentatively it is going to be on September 14 that FIFA 18 demo will be available for the games.

Regarding the features of the demo version, nothing much has been revealed. And that is quite understandable. We have got no official statement regarding when FIFA 18 demo will be released, it is going to be too much to think that there will be official statements on what is going to be there in the demo.

But that does not prevent the rumors and speculations to come up. And we can state that a number of clubs will be playable in this particular version. From the English, Premier Chelsea could be joined in by Manchester United and Manchester City. From Spain it could be Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid; And from France it’s PSG; from Italy, Juventus. Bayern Munich will be the one from Germany while LA Galaxy and Toronto FC from Major League Soccer in the United States of America.

It is predictable that CR7 will be the best player in the demo edition of the much-awaited game from EA Sports. Also, a part of the FIFA 18 Journey Mode is going to be playable as well which sounds really perfect for the gamers who are planning to be a part of the FIFA 18 demo. Also, Check Boys Whatsapp DPs if you looking for cool profile pictures.

Wrap Up

It is one of the expectations of the gamers that an announcement regarding the release date of FIFA 18 demo is going to be made during the Gamescom 2017 which is knocking on the door. And hence all the eyes are currently on that event as some big announcements related to FIFA 18 are certainly going to come out from there.


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